ZANEF – Mission and Objectives

The Zambia National Equestrian Federation is key to the delivery of Equestrian Sport in Zambia. It is crucial for providing the competition framework, from the grassroots to the international level and for administering the sport.

The Federation is established as a non-political, professionally independent and not for profit organisation that is concerned with Equestrian Sports. The Federation exists in its own right, separately from its Members and will continue to exist even when its membership changes and/or there are different office bearers

Mission Statement of the Federation

To provide a caring and encouraging environment that promotes excellence in all aspects of Equestrian Sport, both in Zambia and internationally with the welfare of the Horse as paramount.

Overall Goal of the Federation

To achieve excellence at all levels and all disciplines of the Equestrian Sports by uniting, regulating, promoting and representing the shared interest of those who enjoy Equestrian Sport while putting the welfare of the Horse first.

Objectives of the Federation

The objectives of the Federation are:

  • To represent and coordinate Equestrian Sports in Zambia and strengthen linkages with the international arena.
  • To promote and advocate for all Equestrian Sport disciplines recognised by FEI in Zambia
  • To ensure the highest standards are reached in all disciplines of Equestrian Sports